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The 4 stage process is a highly interactive process, designed to engage you and your people all the way through. The process ensures that the correct needs are identified and the most appropriate solutions created. To give you a better understanding, the different types of activities that could be undertaken in each stage have been outlined;


insight [ɪn,saɪt] – "the ability to perceive clearly or deeply"

This is about understanding your business and people needs. it is done through a number of different methods which include

  • Key Stakeholder Interviews to gather as wide a perspective as is necessary
  • Line Manager and Delegate Observations to see not just what people say but what people do
  • Customer Interviews to understand how your Customers see things
  • Business performance review using your own data and information as well as that in the public domain
  • Field Visits to understand the world in which your business operates
  • Cross functional department 1:1s to see how different functions operate today

planning [noun] – "an act of formulating a program for a definite course of action"

A joint process where peopleSMART work with you to develop a programme that delivers against the needs identified

  • Create a proposal based on the insight stage
  • Present, refine and agree the proposal
  • Engagement of the relevant people identified
  • Material development for the solutions
  • Review, input and sign off of the materials and solutions from your business

action n [ˈækʃən] – "to put into effect;"

This stage is the implementation of the proposal which will include the following

  • Communication and engagement of the delegates to be part of the learning solutions
  • Delivery of the solutions
  • Feedback and coaching line manager population and peoplesmart
  • Capturing Best Practice examples by the delegates
  • Capturing success - business and people

e-val' u-a'tion n.- "To ascertain or fix the value or worth"

This will be a continuous part of the programme helping you to assess the return on your investment. The evaluation will highlight progress against the objectives and success criteria set out in the planning stage and can be qualitative, quantitative or both. It can include

  • Field visits and observation to see if learning is transferred to action
  • Delegate feedback from the programmes and how they feel
  • Customer Interviews to see if the people who buy form you have seen the benefit
  • Collation of the Best Practice examples from the action stage
  • Presentation of the successes collected during the action stage
  • A review and next steps session with you and your team

One of the aspects peopleSMART is most proud about is the feedback and results we get from both the Leadership Teams and the Delegates we have worked with. They will give you a flavour for what we are really like!