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Where did peopleSMART come from?

The founder and owner of peopleSMART, Nigel Shackleton is an ex-Mars associate whose FMCG background includes Research and Development, Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales, Marketing and Innovation. It was through holding senior positions in the UK and International markets that his commercial background and passion for people development was developed. 7 years were spent working for FXL developing people's capability in some of the biggest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies in the world.

In 2012 Nigel set up peopleSMART Learning Solutions to take his passion for people development in the Commercial World to the next stage, while continuing to support FXL and its clients as an Associate through delivering high impact learning programmes.

How is peopleSMART different to other FMCG Learning and Development companies?

By focusing on people and being SMART about how we do it! The world in which we work is constantly changing and therefore business and people needs change too.

To ensure that you get the right learning solution, delivered in the right way at the right time, peopleSMART differs in a number of key ways. Below is what we can do in line with other learning and development companies, but also what we can do that makes us different

At Our Core

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies (FMCG) Experience
  • Insight Based Learning
  • Commercial Training
  • Senior Engagement
  • Up Skilling Line Managers as Coaches
  • Measuring ROI

Our Key Points Of Difference

Non FMCG Industries

  • Transferring Best Practice into other industries outside of FMCG e.g. Financial, Media, Medical
  • This can mean instant quick wins by using proven ways of working, tools and techniques from some of the biggest, most customer and consumer focused businesses in the world

SME Businesses & Small Teams

  • A focused and more in depth approach for smaller businesses and teams rather than a "broad brush" approach for larger numbers of people
  • This means smaller businesses with smaller budgets can still get the best training without compromising quality

Business and Team Specific Projects

  • Instead of generic "Commercial Training" our training is focused on supporting specific business objectives with specific Teams and Customers in mind.
  • This ensures learning is totally relevant and immediately applicable to real business situations. Therefore people are more likely to use what they learn and maximise the ROI for your business

Non-Commercial Functions e.g. Manufacturing, Operations, R&D

  • Engaging, up skilling and developing other key functions (e.g. logistics, manufacturing, marketing, finance) to work with your Customers and internal Customer Teams more effectively
  • This avoids Commercial functions working in isolation and ensures a combined approach so execution of learning, plans and ideas is much more successful

Behaviour & Emotional Development

  • Skills, processes and tools are important, but how we connect with people and our level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) can make all the difference
  • People do business with people, and this ensures that the people element is not missed and the ability to influence is maximised!


  • A series of associates who have competencies outside those of peopleSMART who can be brought in to support other areas of development for your business e.g. Organisational Development, Change Management, Strategic Brand Development
  • This means that if your learning and development plan is part of a bigger picture, you have a one stop shop and don't have to spend time and resource sourcing other suppliers
  • To find out where peopleSMART draws its experience from, please go to the "Experience" page
  • To find out more specifically what are the topics of expertise please go to our "What We Do" page
  • To find out more about how we work with you, please go to the "What to Expect" page